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Dental Charting Tutorials

These tutorials provide a review on dental charting.

Dental Charting I and II will cover the fundamentals of charting on "paper".

Eaglesoft and Dental Charting will cover the basics of dental charting when using Eaglesoft.

The Dental Charting I Tutorial and Charting in EagleSoft Tutorials run well using FireFox.

The Dental Charting II Tutorial will not run in FireFox (due to a compatibility issue) and needs to run in Chrome, IE or Safari. These tutorials may run on mobile devices, but I can't say for sure that they will.

Dental Charting 1 Tutorial

Dental Charting 2 Tutorial

  1. Right click on the above link.
  2. Select Copy Link Location
  3. Open Chrome; paste link into web address

Charting in EagleSoft

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