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October 7, 2007

The concept of The Toothful Exchange was originally created. The original site was developed using a “cookie cutter” software program. Names for the site were submitted by students in the dental assisting / hygiene programs at GTCC. “The Toothful Exchange” name was created by Kristina G.This area provides links to some additional review materials.  And because everyone learns differently, there should be something here for you.

December, 2009

The Toothful Exchange website undergoes a new look and feel.

July, 2011

The Toothful Exchange website modifies and updates the OrofacialAnatomy tutorials. These tutorials can now be run online in IE or Safari verses having to download them. Audio files for pronunciation of terminology is done. The introduction of “Andy” is presented and is now in each tutorial.

August 2017

As part of it’s 10-year anniversary, the website undergoes a major renovation moving from something that is now more mobile friendly.