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2012 Technology Survey

While I prepared for a presentation that I would give at the 2012 National Dental Assisting Educator's Workshop at UNC, I found statistics that dealt with the use of technology for general population students. Knowing that my students are different than the general population students, I decided that I needed information on what and how my students use technology in their every day lives.

What started out as a 12-question survey involving North Carolina dental assisting and dental hygiene students, it quickly evolved into going beyond the confines of this state.

The results of the survey are based on 1,437 responses and includes responses from dental assisting and dental hygiene students in North Carolina, as well as other CODA accreditated programs within the United States.

I would like to thanks all the program directors that took the time to forward the link(s) to the survey.

I would really like to thank the students that took time out of their lives to complete the survey.

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Tech Survey

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2012 Technology Survey Results

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