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The Wood Tooth - Lost "Bets"

Yes, gambling can be a problem. I have seen it exhibited in many of my students. Ok, I am a little bit of a gambler too.

Over the years, many students have won and lost a bet for a wood tooth. Yes, I know. It does sound strange to be betting for a wood tooth.

Image you want a wood tooth. Let's say that you have a mock test that you know, or think you know, that you will do good on it. So, you hear that you can bet for a wood tooth. You go to the "tooth bookie". She is the one that keeps track of how many questions you can miss on the mock test.

If you do as you say and don't miss more than you are allowed, you win the bet. You get to pick a wood tooth from several wood teeth that the tooth maker is showing you.

Unfortunately, life is not always kind. You miss more than than the number you were allowed by the bookie. So, now you owe the maker of the wood teeth a tooth.

Yes, over the years, I have acquired items that have gone into what I refer to as "The Tooth Collection". The first addition to the collection was made of cheese.

Do you want to see more of the collection? If so, take a look at the links to the right.

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original cheese tooth

The Original Cheese Tooth

The Collection:


Fall 2009 Tooth Bets

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