Imagine sitting in a continuing education course. As the speaker talks, you realize much of your attention focuses on the information you see in the presentation slides. You think to yourself, “Wow, those are some great looking slides.” In reality, most likely, it was the other way around. You thought presentation slides had too much text, the color combinations were a poor choice, or the slides lacked consistency between each slide.

As an educator, you are more in tune with the appearance of someone else’s presentation, but are you in touch with your presentation? You may be thinking to yourself, “why is the appearance of my presentations important anyway? It’s the material presented that is important.” Thinking back to the continuing education course, you already know why appearance is important. These issues are a distraction for your learners. Your presentation’s appearance can help solidify that you and the information in the presentation are organized, understandable, and visually appealing.

Your time may be limited, but you may still have a desire to learn more about redesigning your presentations to make the presentations more aesthetically pleasing, readable, and maintain consistency between slides. My goal is to provide training to help redesign presentations and training on e-Learning material development, instructional videos, screencasts, Stepping Up with PowerPoint, and 2-dimensional animations.

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