Introduction to Dental Terminology

null Ok, so you're here wanting to get an early start with some of the terminology you'll be using in the program you're about to start or thinking about entering. Or maybe you want to have a little more understanding of the "language" that they are speaking when you go to the dentist. Well, you have come to the right place! This lesson will give you a little insight into some of the terms that we'll use in the program, as well as in the field of dentistry.

Naturally, I have some things for us to go over, so here are the objectives of this lesson:

  1. Distinguish between the primary, secondary and mixed dentitions.
  2. Describe the arrangement of the teeth in each dentition, arch and quadrant.
  3. Identify any tooth in either dental arch by name and / or tooth letter or number.
  4. Demonstrate a use of the universal numbering system for deciduous and permanent teeth.
  5. Identify each tooth surface that is found on anterior and posterior teeth.

In order to meet these objectives, this lesson will contain a variety of instructional materials. As you go through the pages of this lesson, you may come across one of these- Link to Audio File If you click on this sound icon, you will be able to hear how a specific word is pronounced.

Helpful Hint


So, let's go to the next page and we can get you started!

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