Teeth in one arch are arranged to contact teeth within the other arch. The word dentition Link to Audio Filerefers to the general arrangement of teeth. Dentition basically tells you that specific teeth are found in a specific areas of the mouth and that the top teeth contact the lower teeth in a certain manner.

You may not realize it, but you already know some things about the dentition. You know that there are top and bottom teeth, as well as front and back teeth. Another thing you probably know is that at different times in our lives, different teeth are present. As an infant, we have baby teeth. As we get older, the baby teeth are replaced by adult teeth.

So, as we take a closer look at the term dentition, we find 3 types of dentitions or teeth that exist: 

1. Deciduous Teeth


2. Permanent Teeth


3. Mixed Dentition




Ok, it's time to see how this material is going so far. Here are 2 questions for you:

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How many primary teeth are present in the mandibular arch?

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Which dentition will be present in most 8 year olds?

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