Tooth Numbers - Permanent Teeth

null In order to identify a specific permanent tooth, each tooth is given a number and a name. This Universal Numbering System allows everyone to be talking about the same tooth. The maxillary arch contains tooth numbers 1 - 16 and the mandibular arch contains tooth numbers 17 – 32.

As with the primary teeth, numbering is done in a specific manner. Numbering begins in the posterior aspect of Quadrant 1 and goes forward towards the midline. Crossing the midline, numbering continues to the posterior aspect of the Quadrant 2. Moving down into Quadrant 3, numbering continues as we go from posterior to anterior. We cross over the midline and into Quadrant 4 and continue to the posterior aspect of this quadrant.

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Value: 1
In which quadrant will tooth numbering begin (where is tooth #1)?

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